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Crazy Dating Stories, tell us yours and maybe we'll print it!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

I’m in my late 60’s and recently divorced. After several years of trying to figure out the landscape of this new dating scene and realizing that personal ads in newspapers no longer existed, I decided to try online dating! Wow, talk about culture shock! After sifting through hundreds of profiles, which felt like I was looking through mug shots at the local precinct, I decided to contact Mort. Mort seemed nice and after a couple of days returning emails and texts, we went old school and actually CALLED EACH OTHER. I was so happy when Mort decided to take me on an old-fashioned date, and we went to a great steakhouse.

The conversation seemed good and all was good until the check came. Mort grabbed the check, like any old-fashioned gentleman should do, but when he pulled out a gift certificate I started to squirm. I was able to peak at the bill and it was close to $80, and it just so happened Mort had a $100 gift certificate. I guess this was okay, until he put the gift certificate down and started to walk away. I could see the waitress looking at us and thinking, “tip?” And yes, she deserved it! What do I do? I asked Mort if he would like me to leave the tip, thinking he would realize his blunder and take care of it. Mort got very offended and started to raise his voice telling me, there is over $20 left on that certificate for her! At this point I just agreed and we walked out, however, “I forgot my scarf,” and had to go back and get it, and just so happened to hand the waitress $25, as she thanked me and laughed when she said, “let me guess, first date?’ To which I replied, “No, last!”