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Couples That Workout Together, Stay Together

Everyone knows that working out and exercising can make the body physically stronger, but not everyone understands how it can also make a relationship stronger. Working out with your partner can enhance so many aspects of a relationship. The key is to set goals and achieve these goals together. Do not over complicate things, physical activity is physical activity, and doing something with a partner significantly increases your chances of sticking to a plan. Some of the main benefits of working out with your spouse are: Falling in Love, Motivation, and Enhanced Sex Drive.

3 Key Benefits:

1. Falling in love. Everyone remembers their first date and how they felt on that date. Well much like that time, exercising creates some of those same body functions. While performing exercise the body heats up (sweat a little), the heart rate increases, and you find yourself having to control your breathing. All these things are similar to what one may experience on a date. What better way to keep the love alive in a marriage than reliving that first date feeling over and over, each and every day!

2. Motivation. There is nothing more motivating than some healthy competition. Holding each other accountable is what keeps people motivated and working towards a common goal. What better person to hold you accountable than the one person that knows you better than everyone else? Being stronger than your partner in the process never hurts either.

3. Sex Drive. The benefits of exercise are endless, but some of the most important are actually just as important for sexual activity. Depending on your sexual stamina, your cardiovascular stamina may be just as important. Nothing worse than not being able to keep up with yourself. Exercising releases endorphins, endorphins that help you feel good. Not to mention feeling more self-confidence and taking care of yourself and your appearance for your partner.

If you struggle getting in the gym with your partner in fear of one having to tell the other what to do and how to do it, then just go in and follow this fun workout below. By Cory Maxwell of O2 Fitness

Hand lock Squats 15 reps

Push-up High Fives (Upper) x12reps

Crab Rotations (Core) x10reps each side --4 rounds

Pictured Male: Brett Corris

Personal training at O2 Fitness- Seaboard Station

Picture Female: Kayle Hemingson

Personal Trainer at O2 Fitness- Seaboard Station