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We will take your stories and share them with our experts via our print magazine and our huge online community.  Our experts and other people with similar stories will share their experiences as well as answer your questions in a real-time blog format,

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As a former police officer, father, divorcee, defendant in a custody battle, and the son of a breast cancer survivor, I have not only had my share of transitions and hurdles in life, but I have also been an integral part of other peoples.’ 

Not only have I watched the beauty of a child being born, had the wonderful experience of marriage, purchasing that first home, starting a family, changing careers, relocating and watching my children grow, but there have also been very negative transitions as well. As a police officer, I saw many people's lives change in an instant. Death, whether by accident, suicide or homicide, I was the first one there.  Not only did it take it's toll on me and the other first responders, but I saw the affects of the family members. I would respond to so many domestic violence calls, it became routine, unfortunately, and to make matters worse, it was usually the same victim over and over.  Maybe if they had better resources and a support system, I would have been able to save just one. 


My grandparents passing away was not only tough on me, but my mom and sister as well. Then there was the breast cancer diagnosis my mother dreaded, which led to my father unable to cope, turn to alcohol, then after 30 years of marriage, divorce.  I had my own divorce and custody battle, a layoff from a 13 year career in law enforcement, relocated to another state and finally a career change.

We will take your stories and share them with our experts via our print magazine and our huge online community. Our experts and other people with similar stories will share their experiences as well as answer your questions in a real-time blog format, where you can choose to be anonymous or not. This is the ultimate resource for everyone going through any type of transition, good or challenging. In addition to the transitions in life that we will address, we want to hear from you to tell us what other life changing transitions you would like to share with other readers and our experts.

Russ Simmons

Creative Director

For over twenty years Russ has produced effective message driven advertising designs for both businesses, large and small. His ability to understand the needs of a business within it’s specific industry has given him praise and recognition from New York to Florida, this ability, which continues to expand, is the root of his philosophy... ”knowledge is key, become an expert in your clients industry”.


Russ developed a foundation in publication design and advertising early in his career for the Rowan University Alumni Magazine, as later creations include Erge Magazine, Fusion Magazine and PhillyFit Magazine. Over the past 20 years, Russ has extensive hands on experience within industries such as; Financial, Legal, Sports and Entertainment, Healthcare, Retail, Publication, Real Estate, Automotive, Technology and Fashion.


Russ seeks new technology developments and infuses these into his work to keep his current and ahead of the competition. Integrating Social Networks, SEO, Mobile App development and e-mail marketing campaigns, are among a few of the technology advancements, Russ continues to research and implement.

Crystal Lucas

Results Initiation Guru

Crystal is no stranger to transitions! Being a mother of three teenagers means something is always changing. She was born and raised in Georgia, and her family relocated to North Carolina three years ago in order for her husband to manage his company's North Carolina operations. Crystal has a strong passion for helping others and seeing them succeed and in her free time she enjoys traveling and spending time  with her husband and kids. 

Life is always going to put obstacles in front of you and whether good or bad, you can control how easy or difficult the course will be and the probability of a better outcome.

Our Mission

The mission of OVERCOME Magazine is to help with transitions in life by providing awareness, education, resources and motivation to help you not trip over life’s hurdles, but to jump over them!  Please remember that transitions in life are not only negative, but there are very positive transitions as well. 


Our Vision

To create not just a magazine, but an community of regular people, experts and professionals who will share stories of transitions in life and how they overcame or what they might have done to make the journey easier and possibly created a better outcome.  We don't just stop there, we turn these stories into conversations that we can gain knowledge, resources and motivation from.

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